Born in Afghanistan and raised in Southern California, Ana identified with art as a form of communication at a very young age. Despite being uprooted twice from two different countries and dealing with culture shock, the one thing that always remained a source of comfort was Art. She used every medium available during different stages of her life to express herself; drawing, painting, charcoal, even non traditional mediums. 

During school, she used her artistic abilities towards makeup as a side job and it eventually developed into a passion. After studying Apparel Industry Management at FIDM and Textile Science and Design at CSULB, she began working as a designer in Los Angeles. However, despite the years of education towards fashion, makeup always remained her first love. For the last 10 years, she has developed her craft with passion, dedication, and always remained true to her inner artist. Using her artistic abilities, she has always envisioned the human face as the perfect canvas; always unique with so much potential to bring out each client's personality through makeup. 

Today, she is amongst Los Angeles's top Makeup Artists, working with designers, celebrities, as well as personal bridal and special event clients.